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You want your business to succeed. And we want to help. So, we’ll work with you and within your current finances to create a funding plan just for you.


Before you commit to anything, we’ll have a chat with you free of charge to make sure you understand all of our program and service costs.

Partnering With Us

We have one goal. To help our clients be successful business owners. Our trusted partners share that goal and work with us to help achieve it. And it works two ways. Sometimes a partner sends a business owner our way to help with financing, and sometimes we send a business owner their way to help with other business needs.

Why FranFund?

We believe the best funding partner delivers not only high-quality products and services, but also an exceptional customer experience.

FranFund Blog

3 min read

How Owning a Franchise Can Positively Impact Your Lifestyle and Family

By John Francis on Oct 13, 2021 5:00:00 PM

People who know me know that I've been around the franchise industry my entire life. I grew up working at a franchise company from a young age and have been involved in several franchise brands as a franchisor and a franchisee, sometimes both in the same brand.

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2 min read

The Importance of Grace in the Workplace

By Dr. Stevie Dawn on Dec 9, 2020 10:04:00 AM

We would like to thank Dr. Stevie Dawn for this guest blog post. Dr. Stevie Dawn is a keynote speaker and corporate trainer who specializes in emotional intelligence strategies in the workplace. We have found Dr. Stevie Dawn’s workshops particularly helpful as we’ve navigated the unusual challenges of 2020. We chose to share a bit of her wisdom with our readers, many of whom own and operate businesses of their own.

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4 min read

New Considerations in Lending

By FranWise on Jun 12, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Those of you who have been in franchising for a while probably remember the Great Recession and its aftereffects. Banks were suddenly facing unprecedented scrutiny, and risk tolerance dropped to zero as they were burdened with new regulations and fail-safes. Loans that had previously flowed to brands were suddenly being held up. Banks wanted franchisors to prove that they had “skin in the game.”

The onus to prove viability shifted from the franchisee (borrower) to the franchisor. Item 19 came into full bloom as brands vied to prove their worth.  The smarter franchisors were quick to adapt and complete the requirements for the Bank Credit Report and the Franchise Registry. Many changed their FDDs to show that they were willing to back the franchisee with royalty payments that ramped up other investments. Their financial statements became more detailed. This really wasn’t negotiable; if you wanted franchisees funded quickly for a fast ramp-up, you changed.

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