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Funding Facts!

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Does FranFund work with non-franchise businesses?
After Loan is Approved, Does FranFund Stay Involved In The Process? 
Can Multiple People Contribute to the FranPlan?
Can a Rental or Investment Property Be Utilized as Collateral for an SBA Loan?
With the ROBS Program, can I be an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp?
Can You Use a ROBS 401K Rollover to Establish a Parent-Subsidiary Structure?
A Quick Dive Into SBA Express Loans

A quick explanation of SBA express loans.

Advantages of Working With FranFund

A quick look into the advantages of working with our FranFund team.

How FranFund Helps Our Clients

A look into how FranFund helps our clients and keeps them prepared.

A Quick Dive Into ROBS Retirement Plans

A Quick Explanation of ROBS Retirement Plans.

FranFund Partnerships

Winmark - FranFund Partnership - Steve Murphy

Winmark has partnered with FranFund because they like the assurance they have with our pre-approval process to help their franchisees find funding for their business.

PuroClean - FranFund Partnership - Tim Courtney

PuroClean has partnered with FranFund because they know the importance of finding proper financing to assist them in on-boarding new franchisees.

Philly Pretzel Factory - FranFund Partnership - Marty Ferrill

Philly Pretzel Factory has partnered with FranFund because they needed someone to help their franchisees navigate through the financial piece of launching your business. It is a smooth transition between our organizations.

Hand & Stone - FranFund Partnership - Bob McQuillan

Hand & Stone has partnered with FranFund because they appreciate how we go above and beyond the call of duty for their franchisees. We know how to get the job done and don't want it to be an overwhelming process for you.


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