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The FranPlan allows you to use an existing retirement account to fund your new business debt, tax and penalty free. And with our exclusive Safety Net Program, it’s easy to get started. No cost. No risk. No problem.

What is a FranPlan?

FranPlan is the trademarked name for the FranFund Retirement Plan Rollover Program, known by the IRS as a Rollover For Business Start-ups (ROBS) Program. Such programs, which are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (IRC), have been used to fund many businesses under $250,000, either in full or as the personal cash injection for a Small Business Administration loan.

As a qualified retirement plan sponsored by your new corporation, a FranPlan meets the requirements of the IRC and is eligible to receive certain tax benefits. This new 401(k) Profit Sharing Retirement Plan (your FranPlan) will be a shareholder of your new corporation.

So how does the FranPlan work?

In just four steps, your new business can be in business – or at least funded and well on its way.

FranPlan | Your Current 401K or IRA
Your Current 401(k) or IRA Funds are rolled from old 401(k)/IRA to new 401(k)
FranPlan | Your Current 401K or IRA
New 401(k) Program New 401(k) plan purchases shares in your newly formed corporation
FranPlan | Your Current 401K or IRA
Your New Corporation Corporation purchases or initiates new business or franchise
FranPlan | Your Current 401K or IRA
New Business Find out how FranFund can help you get funded.
Funding Solution | FranPlan

The FranFund Guarantee

At FranFund, we take the most conservative approach possible with the process of business funding, as the regulatory agencies are the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL). FranFund has taken a leadership role in this industry to ensure that our approach sets the standard for compliance. Our attorneys continue to monitor the activity of changes to the process within the IRS and DOL, including any government agencies that may raise concerns. If changes are identified as necessary, we make an immediate adjustment both to our execution of new plans, and to the plans of all our existing clients.

We are completely confident that our FranPlan design is compliant with the guidelines and directives issued by the IRS and DOL for creating a "qualified" plan. If there should be any inquiries or audits proposed, our current clients that are following these guidelines and directives have the full backing and support of our extensive support staff, including ERISA attorneys, a tax attorney, a TPA (Third Party Administrator) analyst, and other supporting staff.

Our consultants can work with you to determine if your retirement accounts are a fit for the FranFund program.

Retirement plans that qualify for a FranPlan

401(k) plans
Employee stock ownership
403(b) plans
IRAs (Roth IRAs do not qualify)
Cash balance plans
407 plans (government)
Money purchase plans
Annuity plans (penalty may apply)
SIMPLE plans
Defined benefit plans

What is the Safety Net Program?


The Safety Net Program is the first step of the FranPlan process, which is risk and cost free to you. It shortens the time it takes for your funds to be available to capitalize your business. If your plans change and you decide not to move forward with the FranPlan, there is nothing to undo, no refunds to collect, and your money remains safe and accessible in a self-directed IRA.

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