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We have all the tools to get you funded.

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to funding a new business. That’s why FranFund pioneered the concept of offering several solutions under one roof. Our team will work with you to develop a customized strategy that fits you — whether you’re launching a new business or expanding a current one. We understand the pitfalls that could slow you down, and more importantly, know how to avoid them. After all, it’s our mission to get your business up and funded in a fraction of the time!

What Makes FranFund Different

So What makes FranFund different

In our business, it’s all about building relationships that last, and no one does it quite like us. When you choose FranFund, a dedicated financial consultant will be there to guide you through the entire process and answer all of your questions. We understand the passion behind the dream of owning your own business, and our passion is turning that dream into a reality!

We won’t stop there. We have long-standing, exclusive national relationships with major financial institutions, access to wealth managers, franchise bankers and small business specialists that provide you with additional support moving forward as you grow your new business. Working with these organizations is not mandatory, but the benefits can be significant.


Start your pre–qualification process by giving us a call and speaking with one of our experienced financial consultants.


A FranFund financial consultant will ask some initial questions and request to set up a formal consultation call with you. Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to complete our brief questionnaire.


During your consultation, your FranFund financial consultant will review a variety of funding solutions that may be available to you based on your needs and goals.

Get Funded

After working with a Funding Consultant to determine which funding solution(s) to choose, you will either work with our Lending Team or our Retirement Plan Administration Team or both.

FranFund | Staff
Sherri Seiber
COO & Director of Strategic Relationships
Sherri Seiber | BW Sherri Seiber | Color
FranFund | Staff
Geoff Seiber
President & Chief Executive Officer
Geoff Seiber | BW Geoff Seiber | Color
FranFund | Staff
Holly Bejar
VP of Operations and Plan Administration
Holly Bejar | BW Holly Bejar | Color
FranFund | Staff
Carly Lywood
Carly Lywood | BW Carly Lywood | Color
FranFund | Staff
Shay Mora
VP of Lending Services
Shay Mora | BW Shay Mora | Color

Our Mission is to Deliver


Quality Products and Services

personalized to meet our clients’ needs to build and sustain successful businesses


Superior Value

for our clients, referral sources and stakeholders


A Motivated Environment

for our associates to excel


Collaborative and Reliable

relationships with our trusted funding sources


Responsible Business in the Community

creating a presence through stability, leadership and integrity

FranFund Vision

Providing opportunity to business owners and their employees across the country in a reputable and responsible manner.

FranFund Values

FranFund | Staff
Rick Bisio

In my world knowledge, credibility and professionalism is everything. Franfund goes the extra mile to find the right solution while always keeping the candidate safe. I work with Franfund because I can trust FranFund to live up to the highest standards every time.

Success of Rick Bisio

Rick Bisio

Author and FranChoice Consultant
FranFund | Staff
Dale Campbell
Franchise Owner

FranFund was a key enabler allowing me to start my new business. Their process was extremely thorough, very detailed, and easy to manage. The team at FranFund was easy to reach, answered every question I had, and their personnel were very knowledgeable about the entire process. Their follow-up processes and communications are spot on. I am very pleased with their process and performance.

Success of Dale Campbell

Dale Campbell

Window Genie Franchise Owner
FranFund | Staff
Gus Mithoff
Franchise Owner

I highly recommend FranFund to anyone who wishes to maximize the return on their 401(k) funds by starting a business. With FranFund, my wife and I were able to incorporate and establish a new 401(k) plan for our company in a manner of a few weeks. They do all the heavy lifting.

We just recently acquired the rights to operate multiple SuperCuts hair salons. This new venture in our life is truly exciting!

Success of Gus Mithoff

Gus Mithoff

SuperCuts Franchise Owner
FranFund | Staff
Michele Cato
Franchise Owner

As a small business owner, I have worked with FranFund for over three years. FranFund and its outstanding staff (in particular, Holly Bejar) have managed my account with professionalism as well as patient and caring attention to my personal needs and concerns. I have found Franfund to be reliable and trustworthy, and its staff to have my best interests at heart. I would be happy to recommend FranFund to others in need of its services.

Success of Michele Cato

Michele Cato

Max Muscle Franchise Owner
FranFund | Staff
Brady Polanksy
Independent Owner

The best feeling you can have when saving for retirement is controlling your own destiny. Why rely on the stock market to determine your success or failure? I was able move my money out of the markets and use it to invest in myself. I would highly recommend you engage FranFund to help you control your own destiny.

Success of Brady Polanksy

Brady Polanksy

Veterans Insurance Independent Owner

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